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The B2B Logistic Solution

Who is NBSC

New Brazilian Spirits is a company incorporated in 2017, under the laws of Luxembourg, 100% privately owned, with office in Luxembourg and Brazil with main activities of importing, bond warehousing, distributing and marketing Premium Brazilian Spirits.

Focused in supplying authorized importers in the European countries fully registered and authorized to operate under DAE movement of alcohol among authorized bond warehouses transiting the EU, or FOB Brazil or CIF the port of your choice in Europe.

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Who we work for

As a wholesaler NBSC targets high volume premium bars, niche restaurants, emporiums, supermarkets and specialized medium to big size client importers across Europe and beyond.

Our end-customers are cachaça lovers, professional or amateurs, rum lovers, mixologists seeking to explore the tropical elements of premium Brazilian Spirits.


Distillery Tradition

Decades of tradition in the making of the Finest Spirits. Our products are made with hand harvested sugar cane and pressed within very short period, filtered, decanted, fermented using premium selected yeast and then distilled in copper pot still.

We then extract the heart of the distillation only, and we place it to rest several months in Inox before going to our selected barrels for later maturing. We use self sustainable practices throughout our production line.

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In line with the best international practices today we search sustainability with use of solar panels, and the leftovers are used to heat up the pot stills during distillation and residuals are used as organic material as fertilizers.

We make sure to be in total harmony with environment with least impact possible keeping the environment naturally part of our final product distributed worldwide.

sustainable destilary at weber haus

maturing period

What distinct us from the rest of the spirits world is the wealth of wood barrels used in the maturing process, Amburana, Balsam, Cabriuva, Cinammon Sassafras, Grapia, Peanuts, Jequitiba among the brazilian but also French and American Oak.

In Brazil the legislation foresee Silver, Gold, Aged, Premium, Extra-Premium and Reserva Especial by maturing time and capacity of barrels. We can work single barrels or blends, of woods and ages, making the possibilities endless.....

spirit barrels for maturing


do it with passion or not at all...

I am Alan Kutassy, and I am the founder of New Brazilian Spirits Company and Cachaca HUB in Europe. As part of the second generation of a European family born in Brazil and in love with the country, we keep connected with our European roots. Our main purpose is to share the culture of happiness of Brazil, a tropical country, vibrant and colorful and rich for all senses. Brazil has been blending cultures since 1500 and our cultural heritage is wealthy, and our spirits part of this story. We are here to help you to bring the best of Brazil to European shores and to do what we do best, we blend.
How everything started?

Alan Kutassy

In the summer of 2016, I received a call from a professional bartender frustrated with the quality of Brazilian spirits around, and aware of thousands of distilleries in Brazil she asked me: "Are you from Brazil? Do you know where I could find some Premium Brazilian Spirits for our clients? I am missing a premium tropical Brazilian touch in my drinks..."

Her complaints couldn't go too far, because right on the other side, was a man, who was convinced it was about time to reveal a new story about Brazilian Spirits to Europeans... ...the secret of Brazilian joy!!!

the knowledge and the passion

I have set up this business from the scratch and it demanded a long time to learn about it and I keep an ongoing development, but it is not simple. The Brazilian Market is complex due to its size, legal environment, cultural traits, regional linguistics, logistic network, terroirs, producers sizes, business mind mentality, scarce investments in marketing, lack of international understanding and network.

that reason, I chose to partner with Weber Family, as we shared the same values: hard work, tradition, respect for our clients, commitment with supreme quality of our final products, and from the challenges we face, we squeeze always more happiness.

the dream

This is just the beginning of an adventure to discover something has been in Brazilian culture since 1530, a spirit older than Rum itself, and developing since then, along the best world spirits, Whisky, Cognac, Tequila, but also others spirits with Brazilian touch part of more contemporaneous moments, as new categories of Rum, Gin and Liqueurs.

in line with our responsibility we must advise all to always drink responsibly, never drink and drive, and learn about what you consume to be aware of the quality and truly enjoy in high spirits! We chose Luxembourg as it is a place in the heart of Europe to welcome you to New Brazilian Spirits Company, it will be my personal pleasure to have you as our most premium client.

Cheers and Happiness, always! Saúde! Alan Kutassy


more than TROPICAL drinks
we want to bring you
a kind of happiness
we all have been missing

for all the hard days,
the pain and the struggles
we are here to say that in the other side
there is a place of happiness and joy
and for those who can never get there
we bring it bottled
the unique brazilian joy of living

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